Six Degrees Of Separation

New research
New research shows that, thanks to your peers and friends, you might be a lot closer to your dream job than you think. Here's more on how 'six degrees of separation' might be the key to smarter networking especially in recruitment.

The perfect job
So imagine your perfect job, perfect geography and remuneration. But, to get it, you'd have to find a way to get yourself in a direct dialogue with the Hiring Manager—This is the most important thing to strategically plan, Mr Hiring Manager will be the decision maker. The outcome looks gloomy considering your confidence and the apprehension of not knowing the individual.
But you can get even closer to the Hiring Manager with no hidden emotion using the 6 degrees of separation.

The impact for job seekers
What this means for today's job seekers is that getting in touch with the right person may only be a matter of tapping the friendship and professional throughout their career years. Instead of just posting on LinkedIn to your friends, you need to be much more direct.

Here's the basic three-step approach:
First, identify your dream job and two or three runners-up.
Identify the job title and be specific. For example, "Senior Recruitment Consultant for Public Sector at TRS Executive" is better than "Recruiter at TRS Executive.
" You might have to research the specific title given for certain tasks at your dream companies.
Then start hitting your connections, both professional and personal, with all the specific information—from the company, location, title, and department, and ask them questions, such as:
"Do you know someone who works for a company that has an ongoing relationship with my target company?"
"Do you know anyone who used to work for my target company?"
"Do you know someone who works in the same general industry as my target company?"

Apply these steps and this will bring your network closer together as well and expand onto new horizons opening up doors you never even knew were there

Written by Jack Lloyd

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