How Car Dealerships Can Use Facebook Effectively


It’s all well and good having an understanding of your approach to Facebook, but actually creating and maintaining a content calendar can be difficult unless you are dedicated to the cause. Whilst a certain level of experimentation may be required to find out what works best for you, in general there are already solid blueprints out there to guarantee success on some level. Applying this to your Facebook strategy whilst also pushing what makes you unique will be key to your future success.

Your Social Media Game Plan

When it comes to knowing what content is effective on Facebook you may be thinking-what exactly do I post?

However, the real question you need to be asking yourself is- what do our followers/consumers want to see? I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure everything you do on Facebook is consumer focussed. Before you come up with your content calendar, create a consumer persona and put yourself in their mind-set, then think- how you would react to your purposed content ideas? If you think they would be received well, include it in your content plan.

Sometimes it can be hard to think of original ideas, which is why doing research first it advisable. Look around other car dealerships (using Facebook Insights) and see what content is doing well. Also, look around other highly engaged non dealership pages and allow this to inspire your own content plan. The best content calendar will include a foundation of well-established content ideas that will thrive with a sprinkle of unique ideas that give your dealership/brand its personality. Once this is done, you will give followers a real reason to love your brand, helping to build a solid foundation for success via Facebook.

What Should You Be Posting For Engagement?

If we take a Mercedes-Benz dealership for example, some good ideas for content may include;

1.) Blogs

Creating weekly blogs can be an excellent way of expressing yourself and pushing exactly the personality you want your brand to be known for. More importantly, it is an excellent way of building engagement. Your followers follow you because they have an interest in your dealership. So, blogs are a good way of creating conversation as people love talking about things they are passionate about. Therefore, writing blog content that will adhere to this is an excellent idea to start building a passionate community on Facebook. It is important to use Facebook as a conversation rather than an inner monologue. As well as also being good for SEO, blogs are also an effective way of getting followers to move from your Facebook page to your website. This is important as a good blog post and the right timing could attract someone who was casually browsing Facebook to your website, potentially attracting some kind of conversion at the end of this process.

Some examples for interesting ideas for blog articles could include; "5 interesting facts about Mercedes-Benz cars" or “Why Are German Cars Are Built to Last?” 

2.) Video & Image Content

Using high quality images and videos will be an important aspect of your content calendar. Not only do they receive better organic reach thanks to Facebook’s algorithms, but using visuals are key in gaining attention.  You need to think if someone is scrolling through their newsfeed, what is going to attract their attention? This is the reason why there is no need to post on Facebook without an image or video to accompany it, as it’ll likely get lost amongst the more visual content in a newsfeed.

They key is to use powerful images to get attention of your followers and then back this up with text that has a simple CTA. For example, a Mercedes-Benz dealership have a lot of scope for posting interesting images of their cars that will attract people’s attention and encourage engagement, as do content pieces like motivational quotes. Providing inspiration and a real feeling within someone is a great way to connect and start building rapport.

It is also important to know that video is the future of Facebook and social media as a whole. Videos get the most organic reach (which will explain why the top of your Facebook newsfeed is dominated by videos.) Finding interesting ways to incorporate videos into your content calendar is arguably the most important thing you can do, so getting this right is essential.

3.) Interesting Stories/Relevant Industry News

Another key thing to include in your content calendar is up to date industry news. People will follow your dealership page expecting you to update them on relevant news they will be interested in, much like people will watch BBC News for example to stay in the know about important matters that are affecting them.

In terms of specific Mercedes-Benz news, this is something that should be updated regularly, although other automotive based news that is relevant is also something worth sharing- news you can easily get from setting up Google Alerts. Providing people with a good balance of content will give your Facebook page a well-rounded feel and cover all bases in terms of why a consumer may want to follow you and engage with your content.

Facebook Campaigns & Boosted Posts- How This Can Help Sell Cars?


The advantages of using a budget on Facebook is it actually allows you to reach all your followers, as well as reaching other potential consumers. Whether you simply want to boost a piece of content you have posted or create a campaign behind a marketing incentive you may have, the key aspect of this is you can do this in an extremely targeted way. By boosting your content you can create more targeted audiences and push your content directly to them. So essentially this allows a car dealership to identify new potential customers, attract them to their Facebook page, and then push them towards visiting the dealership for a conversion.

For example, you may decide to create a campaign around trying to get people to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class. The key to doing this would be to create some image and video content around this and use the art of storytelling to connect with the consumer, as building a sense of feeling is the greatest way to engage.

Now it is important to remember, to a car enthusiast, a car or brand is more than just an item of transport. This passion is something which needs to be fully utilised within your campaigns. So, building a story around the new Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is a great way to build interest, enhance customer relations online and ultimately entice people to come down to your dealership. So targeting people who are passionate about the brand, live locally and fulfil all your other demographic requirements is something you can control fully.

Something to note when conducting paid advertisements or campaigns, is remember you need to think about what will make you stand out over other local dealerships. Enticing those passionate about your dealership’s brand is easier, attracting those who are interested in many is where you can gain some important new customers.  

It is quite clear that to effectively use Facebook as a car dealership you have to create both an effective content calendar and back this up with good use of a Facebook budget. This balance will ensure you build a community of followers who are highly engaged, keen to converse, and are ever-growing. This is the dream situation for any car dealership and provides you with the opportunity to use Facebook to full effect. Opportunity seized.

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