3 Great Reasons To Work In The Automotive Industry!


No matter whether you have no experience or are an automotive veteran, a love of cars can be a huge reason behind having an enjoyable career within the automotive industry. Having said this, whilst this inevitably can be important, many front of house staff get their job satisfaction from other factors such as lucrative wage/commission structures automotive dealerships offer. 

Whatever the reason is to pull you into the industry, there are many great reasons to work in the automotive industry. Here are our top 3:


1.) Wide Variety of Roles:

The beauty of working within the automotive industry is it's very diverse, providing opportunities for a range of skillsets. Whether your skills lie in Sales, Accounts, Workshop or Bodyshop, there are plenty of paths available for all. This means the industry attracts a diverse range of people, making dealership dynamics more interesting as staff have the opportunity to mix with a vast mix of people.

Another thing to consider within these variety of roles, comes a mix of knowledge and experience levels. Naturally everyone has to start somewhere but the journey into the automotive industry can be very different depending on your role. For example, industry specific roles like an Automotive Technician will go through an apprenticeship, meaning they gain their skills and knowledge during this time, making the transition into a dealership much smoother. 

Car Dealership


Whereas if you wanted to move into the industry as a Sales Executive, dealerships will normally require previous experience within the industry so to acquire this, bigger dealerships will have learning academy facilities where they start you as a trainee, moving you up as you develop. This experience provides a solid base for great progression. Ultimately experience is something that is cherished within the industry- so building that up will stand you in good stead, giving you more opportunities to move higher up and make yourself highly employable at the top dealerships.

2.) Stability

After the 2008 recession, there were many slowdowns and layoffs, including within the automotive industry. This meant that like many industries it was a risky place to work.

However, there have been many changes since then and currently the automotive industry is thriving, providing a very secure environment to work within. So being or moving into the industry now is the perfect time, especially if building a career is on your mind. Many job roles are getting increasingly high demand, none more so than as a Technician, especially within the capital.

3.) Technology

The automotive industry sits right at the forefront of technological advancements, with a constant search for fresh ideas. Companies are not shy to invest huge amounts of money into the research and development of new technologies. There are few sectors that provide so much opportunity to be involved in exciting new technological developments. This ranges from creating new manufacturing techniques much like Ford are investing into, all the way to the design of hybrid and autonomous cars. As you can see Ford are really trying to revolutionise the industry:


The interesting thing about new technology advancements is it will affect all working within the dealership, for the better. Workshop staff are provided with more efficient equipment. Whilst front of house staff get the exciting challenge  of thinking of new techniques to sell future autonomous cars- adding a new layer to the job.


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