3 Great Reasons to Become an Automotive Technician

Automotive Technician

For many people being a technician is a childhood dream. Sometimes this comes from the nostalgia of having a family member working in the area providing the inspiration. Other times you may well just be born with a passion for cars, curious to get under the bonnet and really be hands on.

But think about this- as a teenager were you incredibly eager to get your first car? Or maybe you had a craving to learn all about how engines work? If any of this strikes a chord with you, a career as a technician may well be the perfect. 

Whilst a love of cars and getting hands on is reason enough to be an automotive technician, here are 3 more great reasons:     

1.) Technicians Are Always In Demand

Economic slumps can affect all kinds of industries, including the automotive industry and the way consumers buy cars. However, vehicles will always need repairing no matter what, thereby guaranteeing steady work for your future as a technician. In addition to this, within the automotive industry there is no real slow season for technician. So whilst obviously some months may be busier or calmer than others, there will always tend to be a constant flow of work.

On top of all this, in London- a city where technicians are the best paid in the country, there is currently a huge shortage of technicians meaning you are a man (or woman) in demand. The reason for this is due the UK recession, whereby manufactures stopped hiring apprentices for financial reasons. The knock on effect of this meant less technicians are currently coming through the system.

To put this demand into quantifiable perspective, last month Volvo Car UK made it known they were looking to hire 300 (YES, THREE HUNDRED!) technicians, adding 50% more technicians to their current workforce.

2.) Learning An Excellent Skillset

Becoming a technician also has the great advantage of providing yourself with a highly useful trade, whereby many valuable skills are learnt such as general maintenance or even diagnostics when you become more qualified. These skills will help you become an expert on the subject of cars, whereby as you gain experience your ability to quickly diagnose problems of cars will improve. This skillset allows you to provide an invaluable service to customers-which can provide you with a rewarding feeling.  

You will also be able to save yourself a lot of money through your self-reliance to fix your own car, not to mention being everyone's favourite person by doing the same for family and friends, unless you have no heart and still want to charge them standard prices...

3.) Tools

Within most garages, technicians are required to use their own tools, which is something you build up through your years starting from your apprenticeship .Tools are a technicians prized possession, and for good reasons as hands on technicians can accomplish so much with the variety of tools at their disposal, giving them more scope to complete challenging tasks and progress themselves in the art of mechanics.

Technicians Tools


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