Perseverance is Key


Michael Keaton shines again, this time as Ray Krok, in “The Founder” (The McDonalds story told; warts and all).

I have used Krok quotes in my presentations, “green is growing, red is rotting” is a favourite. Whilst some of his methods may have seemed ruthless, he certainly knew how to grow a franchise. Some may say he got lucky, I think he made his own luck through perseverance.

We are in month 2 of trading as The Recruitment Solution, Daniel Walton and I are the day one founding staff members and we have already taken on a social media specialist, a junior recruitment specialist and an office administrator (who is fast becoming the keystone of the business). We are currently seeking another recruitment specialist.

This growth has been sustained by perseverance with clients, candidates and resources. We aren’t reinventing the wheel, (there are plenty of intelligent fools trying to do that). We haven’t gone back to basics (too many fantastic new channels are available). We are embracing every method we can to ensure our clients and candidates are getting the synergistic exposure they need to catalyse their own growth. We don’t give up.

This adventure is looking very special already. Thank you to our clients and candidates, a special thank you to Vikki Turner, Daniel Thomas and Max Jerrard for your hard work and persistence.

If you are looking for a recruitment company with grit, determination and the perseverance to generate success, or alternatively if you are looking for a career boost in the automotive industry please visit or call us on 0208 736 5650

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