Why should you hire “Millennials”? (and how we can help you do it!)


With the “Boomers” retiring in droves, Generation X is not big enough to fulfil the hiring requirements of many UK businesses in 2017. Most millennials are ripe for employ and here’s why they should be main fishing pool for this year.

Millennials are generally considered to be more creative, motivated, flexible and hardworking than most. They are motivated by the opportunity to learn and develop, they want to be rewarded by value or ownership of what they create. This generation wants to perform meaningful work. Empowered by a world full of technological advances and social media dominance, the millennials have skillsets, competencies and capabilities that did not previously exist. Companies can explore new channels of revenue, exposure, production and/or partnerships through careful recruitment. Most Millennials will now have valuable workplace experience reducing the inertia requirements that existed in the last decade.

Attracting high numbers of employees from one generation requires a shift in thinking from the tradition. What graduates and job seekers value today is different than 15 years ago. One big change is the way companies engage with candidates long before the recruitment process begins. A candidate should be able to interact with the brand at any time. Technology has enabled a better, more ubiquitous connection between the company and the job seeker. Huge companies like Ernst & Young for example have built an entire site just for “potential” candidates. This is not unique, many companies are investing in ways to allow prospective applicants the opportunity to see the company before applying, including videos from current employees, a “Picture Yourself” section and much more.

With an estimated 70% of internet usage now coming from mobile devices, companies are using strategies like dedicated mobile websites to increase brand awareness with job seekers. This approach, along with the use of recruiting-focused social media accounts, enables future employees the chance to see the brand before applying.

For many businesses, it is not feasible to invest heavily into expensive websites in this way. A recruitment partner acts as intermediary, the recruitment brand becomes both a surrogate and ambassador to your own, constantly scouring the “Millennial” channels for elite talent giving your business the engagement with Millennials that it needs to compete with established brands.

If you would like to discuss how we can provide your business with the best that 2017 has to offer, or if you are an ambitious Millennial with the desire to “perform meaningful and engaging work” please contact me today.

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