OTE? Obviously (not) Tempting Everyone?

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I am often asked whether the "OTE" (On Target Earnings) advertised is a true reflection of "actual" earning potential. My answer is usually verbatim. If you have the confidence in your own ability to hit sales targets, then the OTE can only be a true reflection of actual earnings. However, this is not a stable or attractive model of remuneration for everyone. OTEs have been exaggerated in the past, they can be inflated by unscrupulous advertisers too. Some pockets of society are discriminated by the uncertainty of "commission weighted" salaries. Take single parents for example, the risk is too great to have a bad month on one income. University leavers don't want to take the same basic pay as they were getting in their summer jobs, the mere mention of OTE can raise suspicion.

To avoid losing out on a variety of talent, some automotive franchises restructured their reward strategy last year to encourage previously untapped talent. An intersting article by Automotive Management explains more below. However, if you would like to know more about which of our clients offer flexible reward and working packages please contact us through the




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